Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Letting Down A Hem Tutorial

Do you have a skirt (or pants) that you feel is just a little too short?

Here is a simple way to let down the hem for extra length.  As a tall girl I need to do this a lot! 

I've used a skirt here for my example.  You will notice that I've used a bright blue fabric, of course the sensible thing to do would be to use a coordinating fabric but I like the secret pop of colour inside my skirt!


1. Unpick the hem to see how much extra fabric you have to work with.  Press the hem flat using the highest iron setting the fabric will tolerate.  I place a slightly damp cloth over the hem when pressing.

2.  Take a scrap of fabric the same width as your skirt (or pant leg) and at least 5 cm high to give a nice finish.

3. With right sides together machine sew the fabric to the bottom edge of your skirt.

4. Fold under 0.5cm and sew along the raw edge of your added fabric. 

5.  Press the seam up towards the bottom of the skirt so your added fabric sits on the inside and not at the very edge of the skirt.

6.  Invisible hem (I prefer to do this by hand) and you're done. 

Ta da!  A little extra length that goes a long way!