Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being Tall & Wearing High Heels

I was given some really good advice many years ago:  don't draw attention to your flaws, it makes people notice them. 

For example: a fellow blogger I admire recently mentioned that she has always hated her nose.  I don't think there is anything wrong with her nose, and it never stood out to me, but now I find myself looking at her nose.

Where am I going with this?  This blog title is about high heels.

Okay - I am 6 feet tall and proudly wear high heels.  I love them, they're gorgeous and make me feel good.  My response to the all too frequent comments of "why do you wear heels when you're already so tall" was always "I'm tall with them or without them so it doesn't matter.  I love them and am wearing them".

Why, oh why, do people think it is okay to comment on a tall woman's footwear choice?  Why?!  I'd never say to an overweight person "You're already so big, why wear leggings as pants which makes you look bigger?".  I would NEVER say that, and am a bit embarrassed to have even typed it!

Lately I have been wearing only flats in my posts and am starting to feel self conscious about it.  I would hate for other tall women, especially young women who may still be getting comfortable with their height, to think I don't wear heels or think that tall women shouldn't wear heels.

My reason for wearing only flats lately is because I have a chronic leg problem , which is currently more problematic than normal and wearing high heels exacerbates the pain (left leg pseudarthrosis with neurofibromatosis for all you Orthopaedic Surgeons and related medical professionals who I am sure follow my blog.  Or not.).  So thanks to a dodgy leg I'm in flats of late.

I hope to be back in my high heels soon and will be wearing them with pride!  Of course, no one may have noticed that I've only been wearing flats...