Wednesday, 29 March 2017

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Inspiration & Intention

I find inspiration in many places; from RTW (ready to wear) clothing I see online & in stores, from the fabulous & fashionable I follow on IG (I'm sure that includes you!) to the gorgeous vintage patterns that I hoard collect, my favourites being the 1950's & 60's.

Inspiration can also come from gorgeous fabrics.  You can look at and fondle (I know that sounds a bit creepy but anyone who sews gets it!) fabric and envisage the garment it could become.

When I received the box of gorgeous fabrics from MARGE my mind went into overdrive.  My original thoughts for a design went out the window as they didn't lend themselves to the soft drapey goodness of these fabrics.  Also, part of the challenge is to use 2 different fabrics which adds another creative element to my typically basic style. 

Although I've not yet settled on a design, I know I will stick to elements that are consistent with my personal style and flatter my shape, such as a full or A line skirt at or below the knee, defined waist and fitted bodice.  That leaves things pretty wide open, doesn't it?!  Yep...hence my challenge! 

Here are a few style ideas I have been bouncing around (images from Google Images):

Love the lace sleeves here!

Love the sleeves & skirt fullness!

Love the sheer top and defined waist!

This dress just looks like it would
swish when you walk!
Love, love, love! Just need to
figure out how to make it!

Hmmm...there is a pretty common theme there!! 

I will update you with my design ideas when I figure out how to best incorporate 2 gorgeous fabrics. 

Please feel free to make any suggestions, all helpful ideas welcome!

Monday, 20 March 2017

MARGE / Tall Guides Design Challenge #SewTallAndCreative2017

I am equal parts excited and terrified to be participating in the MARGE and Tall Guides design challenge.

The challenge is to make a Spring / Summer dress using 2 fabrics generously gifted by MARGE clothing.  Having been the lucky beneficiary of MARGE fabrics before, I knew I couldn't resist the opportunity to sew with their stunning ethically made fabrics.  Who could?! 

I thought I'd try something a little different and introduce myself and my super high tech & glam sewing space (otherwise known as my kitchen table & 40 year old sewing machine!) with a little video:
Please check out the other fabulous participants in this challenge.  All of whom I'm trying to put out of my mind because I'm intimidated by their awesomeness!

Beth at www.sewdiy.com
Janet at www.diywardrobe.co.uk
Tiffany at www.prettytallsewnsew.com

I will update you on the challenge as it unfolds, so be sure to check back!  The winner will be announced 20th of May (*big gulp* that's sooner than you think my lovelies!!).

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

First Make of 2017! B6333

Happy New Year!

Despite the busy past couple of months (turning 40, best friend visiting from New York, Christmas, school holidays etc) I did manage to squeeze in some sewing.

My first make of the year is Butterick 6333, a classic shirt dress.

Overall experience:

The pattern says that it's easy, and it is.  Maybe not for a beginner, but an easy sew for those with some experience and a good way to learn new skills (collar and buttons) for newbies.

My adjustments:

I added 23 cm (9 inches) to the skirt length as I wanted it to hit below the knee.  Based on my measurements I added 1.5cm to the bodice length, however had to remove it.  Then I entered a sizing parallel universe...I cut out the size which corresponded with my measurements but it was huge!  I ended up taking out about 5cm (2 inches) on either side and bringing in the shoulders 2cm (almost an inch) as they hung off my reasonably average shoulders. 

Does this happen to anyone else?  You cut out your size based on the pattern measurements, but then it's huge?  Oh well, better too big than too small I guess!

Fabric used:

I used a gifted cotton lawn.  The fabric is very lightweight so I lined the front of the bodice (not in the instructions).  I possibly would have lined the skirt, but ran out of lining fabric!  After having worn it, I think it's fine without lining.

Would I make it again?:

Yes.  I love the timeless classic style and it has pockets (which, as you know, I add to just about everything but it was nice they were part of the design!).  Despite all the adjustments I had to make it was worth it and will be much smoother sewing next time. 

Happy Sewing!!