Friday, 1 March 2019

Hippo Hobo Backpack Hack


When I recently found myself needing to use crutches, I realized that I didn't have a cute backpack.  I've made plenty of handbags, totes, zipper pouches etc but never a backpack!

I couldn't find a pattern that I really loved, so I decided to hack my Hippo Hobo pattern by Emkie Designs  

Here are the changes I made:

  • I added 10cm (4 inches) to the length of the bag (remember to add to exterior fabric and lining!) and omitted the exterior pockets.
  • I added a top handle, attached between the top flap and back panel so I could hang my backpack.  
  • I added straps, also attached between the top flap and back panel.  I made my straps the length of my fabric width and 10cm wide.  I then sewed a fabric tube and inserted a strip of fleece lining to give it some substance before top stitching the straps to hold it in place.
  • I placed my straps 6 inches apart, but that was just personal preference.
I didn't have any adjustable strap sliders on hand (and wanted to finish my backpack ASAP!) so I knotted my straps to the D-rings, that way they are still adjustable for when one of my daughters want to borrow my backpack.  I would recommend using the adjustable strap sliders!

For my fabrics, I used quilting cotton (which I interfaced) for the main body and rigid denim for the base and accents.  I loved the selvedge edge of the denim, so I used it as a feature on the top handle and the closures.  For the lining of my bag I used a polka dot cotton.  You can see a peak of the lining on the sides this bag, so I cut 5 cm off the top of my lining pieces and added a 5.5 cm piece of the main body fabric.

My rose gold swivel clip is available from WhoSaysSew.com Pretty hardware makes such a difference to your makes!

Happy Sewing!
xox Allison