Monday, 28 December 2015

I Made It Monday: My Christmas Dress.

For my Christmas dress I decided to brave knit fabric.  A fabric that has  previously struck terror into my heart due to many failed attempts sewing with it.


I had always used my trusty old 1960's Lemair machine, however it skipped stitches and looked a mess.  I was using the correct needle, but the results were terrible.  When my Mum gave me her 1976 Bernina 807 I decided to give knits another try.  And it worked!  No skipped stitches or breaking stitches, happy days!  I even used a double needle for the hem with no dramas!

I had this lovely red organic cotton jersey in my stash which was just asking to be a Christmas dress!  I found this free pattern online by So Sew Easy, which promised to be simple, and it was! 

I didn't make a muslin, so the fit is not perfect.  I would have liked the shoulders to be slightly wider, but other than that I am happy with it.  I didn't have to add length to the bodice, which is unusual for me.  If you're not tall or don't have a long body you may need to shorten it.  I did add length to the skirt (standard!).

To dress it up a little I added some vintage sequin trim from Nona's stash.  It's actually a dark brown, but looks black from a distance. 

Friends on Instagram had been telling me how easy sewing with knits was, and they were right.  I just needed a machine that could handle them! 

Photos c/o my wonderful Husband

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! 

I hope your 2016 is filled with love, happiness and good health.  A new year always seems like it will be filled with exciting new possibilities and grand plans, but the older and wiser I get the more I realise that all you need are those three things (anyone else singing "All you need is love" in their head... just me?... bet you are now!). 

I started my little blog this year to document my sewing adventures and to share with others.  I've been overwhelmed with the positivity and support I've received by wonderful people like you from all over the world.  I cannot thank you enough!  It is very humbling to know I may have touched your life in some small way.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fast & Easy Nativity Play Costumes

So last year my 2 little girls were in our Church's Nativity Play.  There were about 6 kids; it was adorable.  This year when I was asked to help make costumes I said I'd love to!  (Those of you who have had this experience are now shaking your heads and laughing, I know that now).  I had visions of those 6 little treasures wearing beautifully handcrafted and adorned costumes fitting of a tribute to our Lord.  At the first rehearsal there were about 12 kids, no problems I can do this.  At the 2nd rehearsal there were more than 20 (or was it 100...it sure felt that way!). 

All jokes aside; I am happy to be of service to our Church.  But I am also time poor (work, kids, house... you know...).  So I racked my brain to come up with the easiest possible costumes. 

I consulted Pinterest; saw beautiful costumes and was further wracked with guilt because I didn't have that kind of time! 

Here are my top tips for the time poor Nativity play costumer:

1. Use knit fabric!  It doesn't need hemming as it doesn't fray - massive time saver!  Also, knit robes will fit the more *ahem* rotund children more easily.

2. Make the most of the selvedge edge (the edge that doesn't fray, for those new to this fabric thing) if, like me, you need to use woven fabric.  Use the selvedge as a hem, you don't have to sew it.  Time saver!

3.  Keep it simple.  I'm sure we all start of with grand costuming ideas, but that takes time, time I didn't have.  A simple but effective costume will work every time.  Hey, if a child or pushy stage mother parent wants an elaborate costume they are welcome to make it themselves. 

4.  Get in production line mode by doing all of the cutting first, then all of the sewing.  Take frequent breaks and be thankful you don't work in a sweat shop! 

Head dress - make as long as needed (without tripping child)

A robe, I forgot to show the waist tie, but you know what that looks like!

Good luck! 
No seriously, I mean it... good luck!