Sunday, 30 April 2017

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Concept/Initial Design Process

After so much back and forth it was getting ridiculous, I have selected 2 fabrics.  The peach satin & the sheer pink silk. 

My design process changes as I sew, as things do or do not work out as I see them in my head.  My design is a work in progress!  On IG I said I would spare you anymore of my stick figures...but as that is the extent of my design drawing ability, here's another on! (Forgive me!!!). 

I will post updates on IG as the construction gets underway and I either continue with this style or modify it.  Or worst case, have to go with plan B which uses the divine printed lace with the peach fabric (which I'll no doubt end up making anyway, because the fabric is too beautiful to sit on the shelf!).

Happy Sewing! 

I hope there's a prize for design drawings, because this is clearly a winner!!!