Friday, 10 July 2015

Adding Length to a Top

The colour black is my one true clothing love and I wear it most often but I just can't resist green.  Emerald, Kelly, whatever you call it - I love it!

When I was in the USA a few years back and saw a fabulous green hoodie on clearance at Old Navy for less than $10 I had to have it.  Sure it was a little short, but I told myself the lie that every tall girl tells herself... it's not that short (unless I move!) & I can stretch the sleeves.  Then it shrank in the wash.  Whoops.

So rather than give it to a short friend I decided to make it work by doing some colour blocking with navy Ponte fabric I had left over from making this midi skirt. 

It's a simple fix!

Cut off the wrist bands and bottom band - carefully as it will fray! 
Sew in fabric which is the same width as the original piece and your desired length.  If the top you are adding to is a stretch fabric, then add in stretch fabric.  If it's a woven fabric, then use woven fabric.
Use a zig zag stitch if your top is stretchy and finish the edges.


A little tip:  make sure your wrist bands are the right way around when you reattach them.  One of mine is backwards which bothers me, but not enough to fix it!

Jean: Refashioned by Me / Booties: Target

Photos c/o of wonderful Husband

Ta da!  Now I have a colour block hoodie which actually fits. 

I don't know about the other tall girls out there but I feel much more comfortable when my sleeves are actually long enough!