Monday, 20 July 2015

I Made It Monday - Wide Leg to Joggers Refashion

Whenever I'm not 100% sold on a trend I'll make / refashion it myself first before spending any money on something I may fall quickly out of love with.

If you follow me on IG you will have noticed that my style is fairly classic.  I do occasionally like to try new trends, but I always go back to the classics.

The joggers trend for example.  I like the look on other people, but wasn't sure about it for me.  Plus if I wanted a pair which was long enough I'd have to buy them online and I wanted to try them on first.  Oh the drama!

So I took a pair of wide leg pants that I wasn't that fussed on and refashioned them. 

Top: Long Tall Sally / Necklace: Made By Me
Pants: Made By Me / Shoes: Target

Here's how I did it:

1. Try pants on inside out & pin inside seam to desired width.  I started just above my knee and worked my way down. 

*Important tip* - make sure you leave the ankle opening wide enough to get your foot out!  I may or may not have (totally did) pinned myself into my pants then couldn't get them off.

2.  Sew along line of pins & try them on again to ensure you're happy before cutting off the excess fabric.  Finish seams.

3.  I added cuffs to the bottom of my pants rather than just making a casing to tread elastic at the bottom.  This gave me some extra length.  The cuffs I used were knit fabric.

Ta da!  An easy refashion from old wide leg pants to joggers. 


Photos c/o of wonderful Husband

I've already worn these pants more in their new life as joggers than I ever did when they were wide legged.

Have you embraced the joggers trend?