Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wrap With Love

I get excited about any excuse to create and I love that Wrap With Love Inc. is such a good cause and helps people all over the world. 
1000 wraps have just been sent to Nepal and World Vision has requested 2000 more. 

The start of my Wrap With Love contribution.


'Cold humanity is our concern, people caring about other people.'
There are millions of people in the world suffering extreme cold. In 1992 Wrap with Love began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm Wraps to ward off hypothermia and in the past 20 years we have sent more than 323,000 Wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia, with the help of our hardworking and generous volunteers.
Most of us can knit and sew. Just one square provides one twenty-eighth of warmth, and collectively, twenty-eight assembled squares create one whole warm and sheltering Wrap.

I have joined a group which meets at my Church, however volunteer groups meet all over the country.  You can knit away at home and send them to Wrap With Love or drop them off to a participating group.  You can get more info here.

Time to get knitting (or crocheting, which I can't do but am hoping to learn from some of the lovely ladies at the Church!).

Do you love to knit?


  1. Wow! What a wonderful concept. I love the thought that one little piece in collaboration with several other little pieces makes a big difference. I've never been very good at knitting but I used to crochet a ton in my teenage years (grew up without a TV so had to find other things to occupy my time) and would donate some of the blankets I made to the children's hospital. Anytime someone can use their talents to benefit others, it's a win-win in my book. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Beth! It's wonderful that you could give blankets to the children's hospital and I'm sure they are still cherished items. I'm now just over half way to finishing my first blanket (17 squares done, 11 to go!) and am already thinking about colour combo's for my next one!

    In the 20 years that Wrap With Love has been running just over 382,000 blankets have been created! That's 11 million or so squares - WOW!