Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hidden Gems

I don't know about the other tall women out there, but if I stumble across something that isn't a tall size but fits well then I have to buy it.  It doesn't matter if I need it, the fact that it fits gets me all excited!  I'm sure this is true for most body types.

I found this Lee Cooper shirt at Big W on the sale rack.  At first glance it seemed to have really long sleeves so I had to try it on and happy days they were long!  Sold!

Where I live there are no tall retailers.  None.  Even Target Country doesn't carry the tall sizes that regular Target carries.  And whilst on the topic of Target, why do they only carry tall sized pants?  No tops, jackets, shirts etc.  Do they think women only have long legs but short arms??  Rant over.

Finding a shirt with long sleeves was really a hidden gem! 

Shirt: Lee Cooper / Pants: made by me

Photos c/o my wonderful Husband

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