Monday, 25 May 2015

I Made It Monday - Top to Kimono Refashion

Kimono refashioned by me /
Jeans refashioned by me so many times I don't think Gap can still take credit for them

This Monday I'm wearing a refashioned piece that started life as a top I bought while in Mexico in 2004. 

Yep, I tend to hold onto clothes even if I don't wear them because there is something about them I love.  I loved the fabric of this top.  I loved it so much that it didn't matter that it was not a flattering fit (not that I tried it on before buying) and made me look like I was wearing a frumpy maternity top!  Mind you, on someone much shorter the waist would have sat at the waist and looked lovely, rather than under the bust like it did on me.

11 years later I decided to do something with it!  I love the Kimono trend and was going to make my own when I remembered I had this top stored away in a tote.

Here is the basic outline of how I turned it into a Kimono from a frumpy mess (on me) into a fabulous Kimono that I've worn more in the past few weeks than I have in the past 11 years!

Making sure you can see the pretty side detail!
Shoes: Target Australia / Necklace made by me
Photos c/o my wonderful Husband
Have you got an article of clothing that you can't part with although you don't wear it? 
What could you refashion it in to??