Thursday, 8 October 2015

70's Style My Way

The fashion world is talking about how the 1970's look is back.  I've seen people looking fabulous in flares, fringe and long vests.  But that look just isn't me.

I firmly believe that no matter what the trends are, you need to stay true to your personal style.  You won't feel comfortable wearing something that doesn't fit with your style.  Feeling comfortable and confident is far more attractive (and important) than being trendy. 

If I were to wear flares and a long fringed vest I'd feel like I was playing dress ups or wearing a costume.  Fortunately the 70's was more than these "hippy looks" as my Mum would say.

This dress belonged to my Mum and is from the 1970's.  She couldn't recall exactly when she bought it, but said it was before I was born so that makes it pre-1976.  The dress is made of that classic crunchy polyester... I'm thankful that the manufacture of synthetic fabrics has come a long way since then!

This is a 1970's look that fits my personal style! 


Photos c/o my wonderful Husband