Saturday, 22 August 2015

Styling Boyfriend Pants 4 Ways

These pants were a happy mistake! 

I ordered them online from Old Navy for my husband, he's had previous pairs, but these were way too tight in the legs for his muscular thighs... like jeggings too tight, and that's not a good look for a man!

No free shipping or returns when you live in Australia!  So I kept them. 

I love the relaxed boyfriend style, the slight drop crotch (they are for a man!), the 36" inseam and the colour is perfection! 

For reasons unknown a woman can get away with wearing men's clothing but eyebrows sometimes raise if a man is wearing something made for a woman.  Obviously cut and fit is different for the genders, but if you find something you love & it fits you well it really doesn't matter if it's "male" or "female".

Enough about my thoughts on gender specific clothing... this post is about my new pants!

Just a proud Mama note: all of these shots were taken by my 3 year old daughter!  Forgive some of the creative angles!

I've offset the pants with a lace tee (from Big W, on sale for $1), leopard belt (made by me)
& some red heels (old Steve Madden)

She went for a bit of an action shot here, but you can see the detail of the lace &
leopard belt.
Still can't believe I got this top for $1!!!

More of a casual look with flats from Target and a tee from Mix Apparel
(on clearance at Coles) for $2! 
I've been on a roll with the bargain tops!

Being repeatedly told "Mama, you look so BOOOOtiful" does not get old.  Ever.

Another action shot!  My daughter was standing on a milk crate!

I'm trying out the half tuck.  Don't know how I feel about it. 
My head got cut off here, but hey, she's 3!

This pink gingham shirt (made by me) is the softest crinkly cotton, it's FAB! 

Then my photographer got distracted by a bird...

Wishing I'd cleaned my sneakers before photographing them... oh well, this is real life!

If you follow me on IG you'll have seen me wear this Lee Cooper shirt a LOT. 
I love it, it's old & really soft.  Paired it here with canvas sneakers from Target for an everyday casual look.

Photos c/o my wonderful & fabulously talented 3 year old daughter 
(typical overly proud Mama here!). 
Hubs may be out of a job!

Raid your husbands closet or when next shopping check out the men's department - you may just be surprised!