Monday, 24 August 2015

I Made It Monday: 1963 Shirt Dress

If you follow me on IG you would have seen this dress in the making!

I used a 1963 vintage dress pattern which had belonged to my Great Grandma Mabel, with some modifications.  I altered the sleeves slightly, added side seam pockets and modified the collar a little too. 

If you haven't worked with a vintage pattern before, let me tell you they are tricky!  They are unmarked and have a cryptic series of holes punched in them to denote different things.  Made slightly harder was the fact that this pattern had some pieces missing and my Great Grandma's bust measurement was about 33 cm (approx13 inches) larger than mine (I missed out on those genes!).

I wanted to make this dress because I love shirt dresses and my Great Grandma would have worn ones just like this.  I used vintage glass buttons handed down from Nona (my Husbands Grandma) and the belt loop comes from her too.  However, and I hate to say it, I don't love it on me.  I love the dress and the gorgeous Japanese cotton from The Remnant Warehouse, but on me I feel it's... meh.

I hope it grows on me, because I want to love it!  I just think the loose fitting shirt does strange things for my shape.  Is it just me??  Maybe.  I'm sure once it warms up (the east coast of Australia is forecast to have the hottest, or one of the hottest, summers on record) a loose fitting dress will be appreciated!
Having a bad face day!
I added pockets, I just love pockets!