Monday, 10 August 2015

I Made It Monday: Adding Lace Detail

I'm a girly girl who loves lace, floral and all things pretty!

I had been seeing tops with different lace details in the shops and thought "I can do that!".

I took an old knit top and decided to add the lace to the front; I simply sewed it over the existing shirt!

Here's how I did it:

1.  Take an existing top and make sure it is laid flat.  (I don't suggest using a tight fitting top unless your lace has the same amount of stretch as your top.)

2. Pin a piece of lace to the top following the side, bottom, neck & should seams.  Cut lace close to the line of pins.

3. Sew lace along line of pins; ensuring you don't sew the back of the top to the front!

4. Trim any excess lace to give a neat finish.


Apologies for the bad mirror selfie;
 life & bad weather got in the way of proper photos!

 Ta da!  From boring to fabulous!

I liked the look of the raw edge of the lace, however if you want a more polished look I suggest making a narrow hem around your lace before attaching to your top.

You could (and I probably will!) make variations by adding lace only to the shoulders, or giving your top a lace yoke, or sleeves, or back. The possibilities are endless!