Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Fall In Love Cardigan / fabric Tetris mastery!


You know when you have the perfect vision for a make?  Pattern and fabric which are a match made in heaven...and nothing is going to stand in your way!

That was me with this knit fabric from Hawthorne Supply Co.  The fabric was actually leftovers from a make I was commissioned to sew for someone else, but I knew it would make a divine Fall In Love Cardigan (pattern by Sew To Grow

To make it happen I tapped in to all those wasted years playing Tetris!  Naturally, I had to consider grain and stretch but by being willing to add extra seams and forsake pattern matching it was possible.  For example, the neck band of this pattern is 2 pieces which join in a seam at the back of the neck.  However my version has a 3 piece band and it was very lucky that my neck band seams matched the shoulder seams, making it look intentional.

I really had to get creative on the sleeves.  I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves, so was happy to go with the 3/4 sleeve option on the pattern.  To achieve the 3/4 sleeves I had to add large cuffs to my sleeves, which is something I like to do anyway.  I think longer sleeves on knit garments look much nicer with a cuff than just a hem.  However, I didn't have enough fabric to cut 2 sleeves the same length so 1 of my sleeves has an extra seam at the elbow.  Fortunately the pretty floral design disguises it well and there is even some unintentional pattern matching going on!

The original pattern has a waist tie...I didn't have any fabric left to make one, but am happy with it just as it is!

The Fall In Love Cardigan (by Sew To Grow) is a pattern I have made twice before and absolutely love.  It is a fast and easy make and is effortless styling for all seasons.   

Moral of the story is: when you really love a fabric, you can make marvelous things happen!  This cardi is perfect for layering and for warmer months.  Remember, the fabric requirements on a pattern are just a guide!

For reference: I made size xs and added 12cm in length.

Happy Sewing!

xox Allison  

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