Thursday, 7 July 2016

#thirtywears / #30wears - Can you do it?

#30wears  I'm not sure who came up with this idea (if you know, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due **see below**).  Basically, it's about sustainable fashion and responsible purchasing.  Do you wear clothing items and accessories at least 30 times?  Is the clothing you buy of a good enough quality that you can wear it at least 30 times?

I've written before about sustainable fashion and ethical clothing manufacture.  I have made a commitment to only buy ethically produced clothing and fabric, but what about all the clothes I have in my closet from before I was aware of "fast fashion" and horrible manufacturing conditions?  It seems like an even greater injustice to let them go to waste, so I'm committing to #thirtywears

#thirtywears means that you will wear an item at least 30 times.  Simple, right? 

But if we're honest with ourselves, do we really do this?  I have lots of items that are more than a decade old (thank goodness I love timeless designs!) so I know they qualify, but what about everything else?  Obviously some items are "single use" like a wedding dress (hopefully!) and hideous bridesmaid dresses (99% of the time you can't just take the hem up and wear it again, despite what the enthusiastic bride says!).

Before making your next clothing purchase, stop and ask yourself "can I see myself wearing this 30 times"?

So spread the word!  Post a pic of yourself on Instagram wearing your #30wears garments and encourage everyone to buy more consciously and focus on quality not quantity!

**Post Note: A big thank you to Beth from Tall Fashion Adventures for letting me know that Livia Firth came up with #30wears.  I simply didn't think of searching #30wears when I saw it spelled out as #thirtywears... it's a "Duh!" moment on my behalf!!  Please see Beth's comment below. xox


This top is at least 10 years old!
Quality & timeless design never go out of style! 
Pants, made my me and worn #thirtywears

Everything you see here exceeds #thirtywears

Another #thirtywears outfit, including the bag!



  1. This is a fantastic idea! After starting my Thoughtful Shopping Series, I've been trying to figure out new and fun ways to wear what is already in my closet. Like you said, it wouldn't make any sense (and would be wasteful) for me to throw out my clothing simply because I bought the items before I started educating myself on ethical fashion. I'm totally going to go through my closet to see which "30 wear" items I have and will be sure to share! Keep up the inspirational work Allison!

    1. Thank you Beth! I'd love to encourage people to focus on quality clothing which will last over new, cheap & nasty! A LOT of work goes into making clothes and the people who make them should be fairly paid for their skills. Also, there is no shame in wearing items over and over!! x Allison

    2. Agree with everything you just said. BTW - I think I figured out who came up with the 30 wears. It seems like it was Livia Firth - http://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/news/livia-firth-attacks-throwaway-fashion-as-she-suggests-women-only-buy-clothes-theyll-wear-30-times-a2952856.html. :)

    3. Beth, you're the BEST! Thank you so much for your research and support. xox

  2. Sad to say, most of my items are probably less than 30 wears besides my purse, shoes and accessories. I just have way too much clothes and I want to make sure I wear them all to justify keeping them. I love this idea because our clothes should be worn year after year.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  3. Wow. This never occurred to me. I mean, wearing things not until they basically fall apart. I definitely wear almost everything more than 30 times. But, like you, I'm a tall Mama & if I find clothing that fits, I hold onto it until it falls off of me. ��
    (As an aside, I am so stoked to have found a tall sewist. I just saw a comment of yours on Instagram & clicked on it. In OZ, no less. Yay!)

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog & taking the time to comment! In the past I have been guilty of buying rubbish that wouldn't survive 30 wears, but am reformed!! And like you, if something fits me properly I'm wearing it forever!!!!!! x Allison

  4. Love all of these looks and the commitment you've made to purchasing pieces that will last for thirty wears. It's certainly a challenge in an industry dominated by fast fashion, but there are a growing number of options coming available! I look forward to seeing what other outfits you've worn for years and years, your style is truly timeless and classic!


    1. Thank you for your kind words Lauren! I'm so happy you're embracing #30wears too! x Allison