Monday, 8 February 2016

Me Make Remake.

What's a "Me Make Remake" you ask?!

It's when you make something, are not happy with it, never wear it, so you remake it!  Also case in point as to why you should make a muslin (practice version out of cheap fabric) first! 
Original version of the dress

I made this dress 6 months ago and despite loving the fabric, I only wore it once.  The neckline was too open and weird for my shape.  And the sleeves were just a bit too much with this big graphic print.  You can see the original dress here

To remake it I simply cut the front bodice out (the dress was also a bit too big so I had plenty of fabric to work with) and cut a new front bodice using New Look pattern 6262.  I chopped off the sleeves, but kept them in case I decide to reattach them come Autumn (perhaps I should just call this the "Indecision Dress"??!).  I finished the sleeve opening with bias tape. 

And Ta da!  A dress I have already worn twice in the past few weeks! 

New and improved dress!
Teamed with a cardigan for Church
Photos c/o my wonderful Husband