Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I Made It Monday: From Frumpy to Fab Refashion

This is a really simple dress to skirt refashion (see similar here) that anyone can do. 

I picked this dress up at a Thrift Shop for $3.00 - you get what you pay for, right?!

I was singing "I Feel Pretty" as you do! 
I went all out for the before shot: no shoes, no make up!

I like the colours and the lightweight cotton fabric.  However, that square neckline does me no favours; the whole dress is too wide on me; the hem line is a weird and unflattering length with that much solid blue.

So to remedy all these problems I simply chopped the dress off under the armpits; sewed a casing and inserted elastic. 

Sandals: Big W; Skirt: Made by Me; Shirt: Old & refashioned by me
Pretty view c/o Kiama, NSW

Ta da!  A maxi skirt!  From frumpy dress to fabulous maxi skirt in one simple seam!

It was really windy! 
I don't mind rain, snow, cold or heat but I do NOT like the wind!
Photos c/o my wonderful Husband who loves a random unflattering shot!


  1. Looks great!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jaymie! I love that such a great maxi skirt came from such an ugly dress! x Allison

  2. I love to do outfit redos like that, so smart! I am thrilled that you linked up for the very first My Refined Style... hope you'll be back again next month!


  3. Super cute!I have a hard time finding maxi skirts that fit because I m so short. This would be a great DIY to make my own! Love it!


    1. You could easily DIY your own maxi skirt! Rather than cutting the dress off under the arm pits like I had to, you'd just cut lower down. You'd have a lot more options than I did!! x Allison

  4. What a great idea to lop the dress off. I love it so much as a maxi - very creative. Thank you so much for linking up with the new "My Refined Style" Link Up. We are so glad that you did!


  5. I love this refashion! Did the dress already have slits or did you add those to the maxi skirt? Maxi dresses or skirts with slits are my favorite! I love how you styled it with the white shirt tied in the front!

    1. Thanks Beth! The dress already had the slits - bonus! - I just had to add elastic to the top. x Allison

  6. Great refashion on this dress - it looks amazing on you!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  7. Amazing. I really need to invest in / learn how to use a sewing machine. There are so many of my maxi dresses which have shrunk over the years that I could do this with. And I much prefer maxi skirts to maxi dresses too. You've inspired me!

    Sara x

    1. I'm so happy to hear that I've inspired you Sara! It really is very simple sewing. Most sewing machines come with instructional DVD's now showing you how to use that machine. You can pick up a basic machine for very little money. Happy Sewing! x Allison