Monday, 22 June 2015

I Made It Monday - Faux Fur Vest

Wow, this Monday has come around fast!!

Vest: Made By Me / Jeans: Refashioned by Me; Gap / Top: Long Tall Sally
Earrings: Made By Me

Booties: BCBG (old) / Jeans: Refashioned by Me / Top: Country Road
Vest: Made By Me / Earrings: Made By Me / Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

Photos c/o my wonderful Husband
Who secretly thinks the vest makes me look like a caveman but is too nice to say so.

I love fur vests on other people, I just wasn't sure about the look on me.  So rather than investing a lot of money in something I wasn't sure about, I decided to make one.

Let me start of by saying the fact that this stuff is called "fun fur" suggests the manufacturer had a wicked sense of humour.  It was not fun to sew with.  It was messy and fluffy and stiff and messy... oh and did I mention the mess?! 

To make a pattern I simply traced around an existing vest.  I added pockets to my vest, because I love pockets in everything!  It is fully lined and after scouring the internet I came across this really helpful tutorial for construction.

I am happy with the end result.  I like wearing it with a belt to give some waist definition and it keeps me warmer than wearing it open. 

Despite the massive amount of mess - this stuff flies everywhere while cutting & sewing! - it was a quick and fairly simple project which only cost me $23 as I already had the lining.

Have you sewn with faux fur?