Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Bondi Top with sleeves

I recently lost my sew-jo, so to help get it back I started looking at patterns and then reading blog reviews of those patterns for inspiration.  

Which reminded me that that was why I started blogging in the first place! To contribute to sewing knowledge & inspiration.  I've not been good about that lately, and I'm sorry.  Instagram just makes it SO quick & easy to share makes, but it isn't the detailed resource that a blog post can be. I'm going to try to share more on my blog!

I have more questions on IG about my hacks of The Bondi Top by Sew To Grow than any other pattern (probably because I make it so often!).  It's a very popular pattern because of its inclusive sizing (xs - 4x), simple design lines and it's just a really easy make!  Perfect for a beginner or a fast satisfying make for a more experienced sewist.

I first added 3/4 sleeves to my French Terry version as I didn't want to waste the leftover fabric (I'm thrifty!) & also because it made sense to have sleeves for this thicker fabric. I simply hacked the sleeves by making a rectangle that was the same width as the sleeve opening, then tapering it slightly to the opening.  I added a cuff for a bit of fun!

The great news is that Lindsey, the designer of Sew To Grow patterns has now created a sleeve extension pack you can buy for your Bondi Top.  So you're spared my dodgy hand drawn instructions!!  Also, her version fits perfectly whereas my hack was a bit of trial & error! As hacks tend to be!

I also hacked the stripped top into a tunic length to wear over leggings.  How much length you add is dependent on your height.  Obviously, I (at 183cm) add a lot more length that someone who is 153cm!

My red gingham version was again hacked to have sleeves, but this time I cropped it slightly.  The original pattern has a curved hem that is lower in the back (great butt coverage) but I raised the back hem to match the front.

The Bondi Top is one of those great staples that can be hacked so many ways!  I've made it into a dress, added pockets and made it in knits and wovens.

The extension pack you can buy gives you instructions for adding a casing for a waistband, or you can just add some elastic to the waistline (my dodgy hack).

Next up I'm planning a chambray version with sleeves & waistband casing which I can layer for winter or wear alone in the warmer months.  Hmmm...I may also add some patch pockets because pockets make everything better!!

If you have any questions on my Bondi Top  hacks or hack suggestions of your own, let me know!

Over on the Husqvarna Viking Australia blog you can see my Bondi Top which I added embroidery to.  I love this version & plan on adding embroidery to more!

Happy Sewing!

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